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To help reduce traffic load in the neighborhood and carpool lines, United Community School encourages the use of Through Carpool Assist, students, parents and staff may connect with each other for the purpose of traveling to and from school. This service is free to users and is accessible at the link below. CarpoolAssist is an independent service provider and is not affiliated with United Community School.


To use CarpoolAssist:


1. Create and verify an account as described here


2. Log in using your new account and create your profile. You will need to use the school password, which is unitedcommunity.


3. Enter your starting location and destination.


4. Create a new carpool or join an existing one to find people in your area to share a ride.

It may take some time for you to see other parents' carpool information. It completely depends on how fast parents sign up on CarpoolAssist.


NOTE: In case you’re concerned about privacy, this is from the developer: “We only match people firstly from the same school AND who fall within the radius that you have selected to search for carpoolers. Both of these conditions have to be met in order for someone to be able see your email address. If you check "Make My Information Private" flag in profile then even the potential carpoolers can see their other information (address, phone etc.) after your approval only.

Disclaimer: United Community School assumes no responsibility for any errors, omission, delay, damage, and/or injury due to use of the system. United Community School assumes no liability whatsoever for the loss or damage to any vehicle and/ or its contents, or for injury to or death of any person, which arises in the course of, in connection with or as a result of the Carpool Program, including, without limitation, vehicle accidents, driving infractions and incidents involving carpool participants. United Community School is not responsible for ensuring the quality or licensing of drivers that participate in the Carpool Program, or for ensuring that vehicles of participants are road worthy and properly insured.

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