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United Community School will serve children in Grades K-8 during the 2023-2024 school year. UCS holds students and teachers to very high standards. If you are a highly effective educator looking to inspire students, we want to meet you!


UCS is expanding our Dream Team for the 2023-2024 school year! Please apply if you are interested and think you'd make a great fit for our school.

We will have the following positions available:​

  • Elementary Teachers

  • Teaching Partners (Assistants)

  • Substitute Teachers

  • Assistant Coach 


*Important Note for Applicants*: Unfortunately not all applicants will be contacted or have interviews. Applicants must submit a completed application along with an updated resume, cover letter, and a copy of License (if applicable). Resumes submitted without applications will not be considered.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to follow our process! All positions listed require an active North Carolina Professional Teaching License unless otherwise noted.


Are you a good fit for UCS?


UCS is a school with a vision to implement four educational priorities: (1) To build a community within our school and connect with the local community, (2) To build a curriculum that is coherent, (3) To create a climate for learning, and (4) To demonstrate commitment to character. Everyone who works at and volunteers at UCS must share this vision. If this vision seems too difficult to commit to on a daily basis, then UCS is not the school for you.


In order to build our community, teachers must be comfortable with sharing ideas, collaborating with colleagues, connecting their classes (even across grade levels), and being open to other adults entering their classrooms to assist students.


In order to build a coherent curriculum, teachers must constantly research the most effective practices and teaching strategies, attend meaningful workshops to develop professionally, consult with colleagues at UCS and other schools, connect and collaborate with professionals in the community, plan ahead, and be prepared to utilize every teachable moment. Lastly, teachers must be effective in breaking down barriers to help students learn new and difficult material.


In order to create a climate for learning, teachers must creatively design and personalize the classroom space so that it is kid-friendly, warm, and inviting. Teachers must make their space inclusive, attractive, and organized. Multiple adults are in the classroom with the sole purpose of working with students. Student behavior should always be discussed with students in a private, non-threatening manner, and children must always be respected. Teachers should maintain control of the class, but when chaos escalates, be able to hone in on the stimulant and quickly establish order. The classroom must be friendly, safe, and a place where learning is the priority at all times!


In order to demonstrate a commitment to character, each teacher must strive to be a walking example of core virtues: honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance, and giving. Teachers must also encourage service to others starting in the classroom.


In conclusion, if these educational priorities come naturally to you, we want to hear from you! 




Erika Hedgepeth
School Director

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