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Mission and Philosophy

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Our mission is Everyone UNITES to provide students an education that is engaging, enriching, and challenging in a safe and positive environment.

The Basic School philosophy is based on best practices that are research-based and proven to be highly effective to help students reach overall excellence. The four principles this philosophy is founded on are known as the 4 C’s:

  1. School as Community
    Parents, teachers, students, and community members unite to promote learning. Teachers are empowered to help each child reach their full potential. Parents are strongly encouraged to partner with teachers in and out of the classroom to support the learning process. Community members and organizations partner with students to facilitate learning through service.


  2. Curriculum with Coherence
    The goal of the curriculum at UCS is for students to become proficient in the written and spoken word, mathematics, and the arts. There are 8 universal experiences which all people share, known as the Core Commonalities. These commonalities provide a framework for a curriculum that is integrative, thematic, and spirals upward from kindergarten through eighth grade. Students are held to high academic standards and assessment is meaningful and woven into the curriculum.


  3. Climate for Learning
    Classes have a low student-teacher ratio to ensure students receive individualized attention. Parent and community volunteers spend time tutoring students, chaperoning field trips, and supporting staff in various ways. Teachers stay connected with their students for multiple years through looping, a method proven to maximize instruction and improve student achievement.


  4. Commitment to Character
    In an effort to shape the ethical and moral life of each child, seven core virtues are emphasized through both word and deed: honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance, and giving. The core virtues are taught through service learning projects, integrated into curriculum, and through the school climate.

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