The Dream Team

Admin Team

Erika Hedgepeth

Executive Director

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Christi Stout

Assistant Director

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Timothy Hedgepeth

Director of Operations

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Support Staff

Andrea DeJarnett

School Secretary

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Bart Copeland

Instructional Coach

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Alley Schneider

EC Coordinator / Behavior Support

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Timothy Broere

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Audrea Sutton

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Amanda Broadhurst
Tara Bennett

2nd Grade Team

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Veronica Flann
Emily Shagena
Shelly Wheeler
Alexis Collare
Michelle Griffith
Stephanie Czarcinski
Dori Pridgen

4th Grade

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Michael Wall


5th Grade

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Jane Kroeger

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Lori Kardos

1st Grade

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Nicole Savard

2nd Grade

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Elaine Blount
Jenn Harmon

4th Grade

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Cyndy Stout
Russell Hinson
Jeannine Carrington
Zakary Wheeler
Careen Madix

EC Team

Jacqueline Long

EC Team

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Kristen Myers

EC Team

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Keri Goddard-Meredith

EC Team

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Marjorie Harris

EC Team
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EC Team

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Kristen Myers

Special Area Classes (Specials)

Michael Hayes


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Laura Vandenberg
Heather Hruska

Piano Teacher

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After School Activities

Tykelia Bell

Camp U Director

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Mr. Doug


Carlyle Bartels


Jannis King

Custodial Services

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