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What is an A+ School?

The A+ Schools Program is a whole-school reform model that views the arts as fundamental to teaching and learning in all subjects. A+ Schools combine interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction, offering children opportunities to develop creative, innovative ways of thinking, learning and showing what they know. In A+ Schools, teaching the state’s mandated curriculum involves a collaborative, many-disciplined approach, with the arts continuously woven into every aspect of a child’s learning.

You can visit the official A+ Schools of NC website here for more information:

A+ at UCS

In December of 2016, UCS joined the A+ Schools Network. Our Dream Team has since attended A+ conferences where we learned so much about how to properly integrate arts standards with content area standards. Check out some photos of our staff using the arts to summarize essentials of our school!

Art Education

Our students learn art history, art appreciation, and art-making to help build a strong respect for the arts and enrich their lives. In reference to art, Dr. Ernest L. Boyer (Author of "The Basic School) wrote, “It is an essential language that makes it possible to communicate feelings and ideas words cannot express.”


United Community School ensures that students are exposed to a variety of art forms (music, dance, art, theater) and learn to use the arts as a means of communication. Art is incorporated into everyday activities. Our students’ exposure to the arts continues outside of the classroom as classes participate in field trips to art museums, symphonies and shows, and local exhibits. Students in every grade level perform and produce artistic pieces that showcase their learning in the classroom.

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