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Charter Schools are public schools that receive public funds. Unfortunately, our state’s public charter schools receive less than 75 cents for every dollar given to traditional public schools. This year, United Community School was denied more than $138 thousand dollars due to the unfair funding laws. Therefore, we need to make up for the lack of funding through fundraising. To do this, we ask that our families participate in our fundraising events throughout the year and contribute to our MyChild campaign. 

Perks of My Child Fundraiser

  • 100% PROFIT – ALL donations go directly to meeting the needs of our school. 

  • 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE – Your donation is completely tax-deductible. 

Here’s how to contribute online:


1. You can make a donation payable to UCS for the current school year,

which is tax deductible. You can donate in one lump sum payment by clicking

on the button below:





Or you can divide your contribution into monthly payments by clicking below. First

enter the monthly amount you wish to contribute and then click on Automatic Billing:







Thank you for helping us SWARM to the top of our Fundraising goal!

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